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These are the identified priority crime problem areas of the Financial Crimes Section (FCS) of the FBI.

The mission of the FCS is to oversee the investigation of financial fraud and to facilitate the forfeiture of assets from those engaging in federal crimes.

Links to Federal Register notices containing preambles to the safe harbor regulations appear below. 27, 2013)Final Rule: Safe Harbors for Protecting Health Plans (61 Fed. 2122; January 25, 1996): Revised final rule addressing the three managed care safe harbors originally promulgated in the interim final rule.

Proposed Rule: Medicare and State Health Care Programs: Fraud and Abuse; Revisions to Safe Harbors under the Anti-Kickback Statute, and Civil Monetary Penalty Rules Regarding Beneficiary Inducements and Gainsharing Final Rule: Medicare Program; Physicians' Referrals to Health Care Entities With Which They Have Financial Relationships: Exception for Certain Electronic Health Record Arrangements(78 Fed. Proposed Rule: Additional Safe Harbor Provisions Under the Anti-Kickback Statute (58 Fed. 49008; September 21, 1993): Proposed rule designed to incorporate seven additional safe harbor provisions.

Currently, the FBI is investigating 59 cases involving the manipulation of executive stock options and anticipates that the number of cases will continue to grow.