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K., India, South Korea, the Philippines, and Australia.Music: What So Not - "Jaguar"Wardrobe: Publish Brand • "Hottest" male celebrities (as determined by our Facebook audience's responses and online popularity): Chris Evans, Channing Tatum, Chris Pratt• Internationally, white celebrities from America were the most cited out of any country when discussing foreign influence on the male beauty ideal.

• "Hottest" male celebrities: Tolgahan Sayisman, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Burak Özçivit• Turkish soap operas are a recent, growing phenomenon that draw millions of viewers across the Arab world.• The soap operas are the first to mix lavish Western influences with a traditional Islamic setting.• Portrayals of traditional masculinity are beginning to to shift to more romantic, sensitive leading men.• Among the most fashionable grooming services for Turkish men is body hair removal.• According to a study published in the science journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, Turkish women prefer men with hairless chests.• Still, the Middle East and Africa combined only account for 1% of global skin care sales.

• "Hottest" male celebrities: Raoul Bova, Claudio Marchisio, Giulio Berruti• Italy is widely considered the pinnacle of men’s fashion.• Italian men are accustomed to wearing well-tailored suits and clothing.

The male beauty market has reacted with exponential statistics: The number of men’s beauty products increased by more than 70% worldwide between 20.

As of 2013, men's skin care alone was a $3.3 billion global industry.

It has become increasingly prevalent in entertainment, media, and advertising in recent years to focus on the beauty of the "ideal" male form.