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Do not use Send Message for the window (dialog) from within Wnd Proc message handlers that are handled by the same Wnd Proc. We are not using a separate thread, just functions within the dialog thread.

You need to use Post Message, otherwise the Wnd Proc handler blocks itself. Basically we have a button on the dialog that calls a communication function.

This problem disappears for a while if I switch to a fresh workspace, however after some time (a week or so) the crashes will start again.

rich progressbar not updating-90

Items) I set the Maximum to 4 because I know I only have 4 files for testing.

I can see the progressbar update very quickly to halfway on two of the small files.

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The two larger 36MB files do not update the bar at all until the end and then the blue bars on the Progress Bar only go up to halfway when completed.