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Deception is most often defined as intentionally or knowingly misleading another individual or group, although sometimes self-deception is included as well.

Deception comes in many shades and flavors such as outright lies, white lies, omission, evasion, equivocation, puffery, half truths, and so forth. All of these variations are covered in the two volumes of this encyclopedia, which survey the wide variety of lies and deceptions in their many manifestations. Cal Lightman (played by Tim Roth), is a psychologist with expertise in reading body language and facial expressions, especially brief expressions called microexpressions.

Not only a cultural phenomenon historically, lying is a frequent occurrence in our everyday lives.

Research shows that we are likely to lie or intentionally deceive others several times a day or in one out of every four conversations that lasts more than 10 minutes., Ph.

However, Ekman's ideas are controversial, and the show may not depict science as much as suggested by its marketing.