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For decades, the Soviet Union was on permanent daylight saving time, its clock constantly racing ahead of the sun.

The Poles did not want to be told by the Russians when the day would end.

It would take eight more years to create a constitution, one that Marcin Matczak, a professor of constitutional law at Warsaw University, said was “enacted within a post-totalitarian trauma.”“There was a great fear that the government may be too strong and that we could return to the old times,” he said. We remember the time when our human rights were infringed upon.”Important among its provisions was a clear separation of powers between the courts and the politicians. Matczak, a fierce opponent of the legislation signed by Mr.

It accused the government of trying to undermine core democratic values.

President Andrzej Duda signed the measures into law anyway.

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Matczak said.“The mechanics of this attack on the Supreme Court are very similar,” he said. Matczak said a close reading of the new laws shows their true intent.