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"Happy couples have just as much conflict as those who divorce, but they know ways to get through it," says Dr.

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"Tell your partner why it bothers you and that you'd like to work on a solution," suggests Dr. You'd be surprised what you could learn about each other.

For instance, your husband may not leave dirty dishes in the sink anymore if you explain that your childhood home was piled high with plates and you were stuck washing them.

So make quality time a top priority and restrict tech gadget use if necessary, says Dr. "Pay attention to the concept of ratio: How much time am I spending doing this compared to how much time I'm spending with my family? Create a rule that works for your household and stick to it, whether it's no devices at the dinner table, shutting down phones at 8 p.m. Besides the "D" word being downright hurtful, repeated warnings may result in a spouse calling the other's bluff.

"We act as if the intensity of our anger gives us license to say or do anything," says Dr. "But threatening divorce is never useful, and it only makes the probability of separation more likely."10. In other words, be wary of outsider influence, like a friend putting relationship-threatening ideas in your head or work or hobbies competing for your attention.

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    People all over the autism spectrum have relationships which run the gamut, from friends-with-benefits arrangements to long and happy marriages.

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