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She declared her man a "spunk" when the two wed last year, and many a prepubescent girl agrees. "It's odd that people kind of say that as a negative," Mc Manus says when we meet at his company, Roving Enterprises.

Mc Manus's manager, Kevin Whyte, says he is one of those revered men who "wouldn't be kicked out of bed if he farted". The prevailing view is that he's altogether too nice. "I don't know whether they want me to walk around and be a prick.

Rove's other obsessions include wrestling figures, Pez dispensers, hippos (his favourite animal), birds, nature documentaries and large roadside attractions such as the Big Prawn, the Big Pineapple, the Big Banana or, as he said off-air on , a chat show on community station Channel 31, he had a five-year goal. That's why I get a bit grouchy with people who beg, borrow, steal to get a ticket so they can walk the red carpet and be seen there and then spend the whole night in the foyer having drinks, so there [are] empty seats in the room.

"Within five years, I wanted to get invited to the Logies," he says, straight-faced. I just think that's pretty disrespectful." By 2000, not only did Mc Manus get his longed-for invitation, he was nominated, unsuccessfully, for a Logie for most popular new male talent.

"People forget that Rove did so many hard years on community TV and in stand-up to get where he is now." Mc Manus, 32, has certainly done the hard yards, but that doesn't mean he should be above criticism.

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