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Dev Ops teams use Visual Studio IDE to write code accurately and efficiently while retaining the current file context. MCollective @puppetize Puppet strives to build a world where software powering everything around us always is available, modern, and accessible from anywhere.

Their Marionette Collective, or MCollective, is a Dev Ops tool that delivers a framework for building server orchestration or parallel job execution systems.

This tool supports scripting and executing arbitrary tasks and includes a set of sane-default deployment workflows. Redis @redisfeed Redis is a data structure server used as a database, cache, and message broker.

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Monit @tildeslash_Monit is a Dev Ops tool for system monitoring and error recovery.

Monit provides easy, proactive monitoring of processes, programs, files, directories, filesystems, and more and acts as “a watchdog with a toolbox on your server.”Key Features: Cost: FREE34.

Cacti is a popular Dev Ops tool because it features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that is ideal for any application from LAN-sized installations through complex networks with thousands of devices. Stackify Retrace @Stackify Working to help developers write even better code to become even better developers, Stackify offers Retrace.

This Dev Ops tool delivers powerful application performance management for teams and applications and makes developers’ jobs easier. CFEngine @cfengine A Dev Ops tool for IT automation at web scale, CFEngine is ideal for configuration management and helps teams automate large-scale, complex, and mission-critical infrastructure.

Read more: 3 Key Dev Ops Needs for Every Development Team Please note, we have listed our top 50 Dev Ops tools here, in no particular order.