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As the German Army retreated both on the Eastern and Western fronts, the effort to exterminate as many Jews as possible continued unabated.The ideal of reducing inferior Polish and Russian populations to make room for an expanded German Reich would not be realized, but the removal of as many Jews as possible from the world stage remained Germany's highest priority, to which resources continued to be directed even as the war was being lost.

Mentally retarded and homosexual Germans were purged as defective individuals who damaged the purity and future of the superior Aryan race.

Non-Jews died in the gas chambers, were tortured, starved and shot to death alongside their Jewish counterparts in vast numbers, and were clearly also targets of the satanic Nazi agenda.

The elements of the war against the Jewish spirit (e.g., abuse of rabbis, violence on Jewish holidays, desecration of synagogues and sacred objects, destruction of religious books) were not only a means of spiritual oppression. This unique aspect was rooted in anti-Semitic ideology and especially in Nazi beliefs.

For the first time in history, biological race was linked with the human spirit, culture, and morality.

As an acute danger threatened the German people from Jewry alone, the law aims primarily at the prevention of further mixing of blood with the Jews." The government-sponsored pogroms in November 1938 did not include Polish nationals or businesses or Catholic churches.