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LOUIS, MO Time: 2000-02-16 Comments: I was in Eco.1st BATT.503d INF.173rd Airbourne brigade in VIETNAM AUG.1969-MAR.1971.

Chapter 59 From: The World Time: 2000-02-01 Comments: This is an outstanding page. Like Doug once said, "Old soldiers never die, they just fade away." He was right ya know? Time: 2000-01-23 Comments: Great web site I was in B CO.1ST ABG.327 INF.

Campbell, KY 62-63;5th Bn 19th SFGA 73-82 As a student of international military special operations, I find the common thread for all special operators is they are all airborne qualified"All The Way" Name: Jim Ringland aka Website: Special Forces Assn. Served as Opns Officer and Commander of SOG (name changed to STDAT) 1972-73, in Vietnam. Walsh Referred by: Viewing another Guestbook From: Marshfield Ma.

I went to jump school in February 1953 then on to SF. Been looking for the "jump songs" for a while, now I got 'em. Landed in Korea with the 4th in late December 1950 and serve with the 4th until it was deactivated in August 1951. Assigned to the 11th Air-Assault (Harmony Church) Ft. Shortly thereafter we were redisignated and became the 1st Cav. Returned to Bragg a year later and was assigned to the 3rd BDE. Time: 2000-01-30 Comments: In memory of the fallen. We worked An Lo Bridge, FSB Bastogne, FSB Birmingham,etc. Keep up the great work & stay out of the trees Name: Mark A. From: Seattle/Port Orchard Washington Time: 2000-01-28 Comments: Served in the 3/325 inf. voluntered us to go on 4 or 5 day recon missions even though none of us had LRRP training.

jack Name: JIM KERR From: INDIANA, PA Time: 2000-02-06 Comments: VERY NICE PIECE OF WORK YOU HAVE HERE. Name: Shubin, William E From: Pinetop, AZ Time: 2000-02-06 Comments: SFA reviewed this site and said it was great, I agree. JOHN F DECOSTA n/a From: New Orleans, La Time: 2000-02-01 Comments: Trained with the 3rd Rangers in 1950 and then was transferred to the 4th Ranger Company. Time: 2000-02-01 Comments: I joined the Army 1-10-65, BASIC-AIT-JUMP SCH. Deployed to Vietnam (advanced party)aboard the USS Patch. Davis (ret.), formerly a medic with the 77th Group SF, (1952-54) passed away on 14JAN2000, aged 68. Our platoon was wipped out in 3/68 and am looking for two survivors, Carter, from Alabama I think, and Ford, from Georgia, I think, to substantiate VA claim. Name: Eric Olson From: Chicago Time: 2000-01-28 Comments: Great page guys!!! My squad which was led by Dave Baron nicked name ourselves "The Suicide Squad" because our gung ho LT.

GES Edgar, Ne [email protected]: Jack Trezise Referred by: Net Search From: N. Myers, Florida originally Pennsylvania Time: 2000-02-01 Comments: I SIGNED THE GUESTBOOK BEFORE BUT DID NOT INCLUDE MY OUTFIT "M" Co.;3rd Battalion; 508 ARCT Sand Hill, Ft. [Army, Circa: 1950-1976] Y'all take care, stay safe, keep smiling, and happy hunting. If anyone out there knew him I would love to here from you.