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Lee just has u going crazy or shall I say making u crazy cause u just wish u could just pull him out of the t.v. most of your songs are emotional although you are a funny person. you're so cool yet has a good charisma i love that series no dull moments.looking forward to watch king of hearts. i came to know you since in My GF is a gumiho..after that i followed you in Strong Heart and until Gu Family gonna miss you.already done watching Gu Family Book.youve done well...really like the story..drama for 2013.. Oppa, we will definitely support you in whatever you do and I believe in whatever choices you make!

I really love your acting which makes me so much attached in Hwayugi. The ending of the drama was much to way of my expectation. How can Sam Jang died and rose just to remove that bracelet?? i hope you;ll have a cncert here or maybe visit the philippines.. im watching your offscreen and onscreen actions., i can really relates on your songs. men you're so charming i firstly watched you way back in my college days My girlfriend is gumiho you're so funny their then the gu family book "lovestory of kang chi damn! Looking forward to seeing much much more from Lee Seung Gi and can hardly wait for next one... leee sarangeo i love leee but your so multi telend i love yor singger,i love you acting in film my grls frend is gomihoo you so cute you came in indonesia we love you lee.cahyoooo leee sarangeeeee wonga nomonomonomonomo coa heee tata tata heeeee my name is liling from indonesia (lombok)/(bali)came hare leeeeee :) Seung Gi oppa, please don't be down and I am sure everything will be fine despite recent issues relating to KHD.

JUST DONT PAIR yourself to tandem with older actresses... You make my heart race everytime I'm seeing you in Hwayuhi. At indonesia tv the first time i watching lee seung gi drama.altough i have been love korean drama so many year.i feel i already fall in love with seung gi.i like to watching all his drama and movie.i love watching lee seung gi sing a seung gi not only good looking but he so smart and multi talent. a talented person Hope that you will be succeed in the future .... GOD Im a die hard Fan of yours (Lee Sueng Gi) ,really nice voice, good actor.. I don't usually take time to write reviews but I have to say that he will become one of the best young actors in Korea. I like all your expreciones, but especially when you smile. I wish you much success and hope you keep surprising me.... me and my twin sis are one of your biggest fans here in the philippines. Fighting oppa : D I don't know if He reads these but I sure hope he is.. La vemos en un canal que se llama Pasiones y esta en los ultimos capitulos, que pena! sincerely most top fan in malaysia Im really a bigfan of Sandara Park and i want Sandara to be the lead role here.i honestly watch the "My girlfriend is a nine tailed fox" the 1st Lead role actress is Kim Tae Hee and I think its doesn't not fit to Sandara,but i want Sandara to be lead the role but for me it doesn't fit with her, Who ever will be lead the role, i want Sandara Park to be casted even a Cameo,thats makes me happy atleast My Sandara is There hi lee seung-ki ....

Lee Seung Ji forever you are my favorite actor in korea. I know that was the final epsiode, but we well I want more epsiodes if you are doing it please let us know, let your fans know pleases. ....i really want to attend your music concert.....i wonder someday you come to my country..i can visit your country....i really love u when i heard you sing a song....someday Briliant legacy is airing. I hope your acting and singing will flourish more in the future. Eventhough, you're not that handsome, you have the charisma and gentleness that made the girls from all age bracket loves you.. :-) you must thankful to God that make you a talented person. I hope that we can be friends , because i love to have friends like you ... I have watched three of Lee Seung Gi drama series..has great talent. I love lee seung gi semanangat make my boyfriend lee seung gi greetings from your fans, Thanks,, ELSE LUKAS from : INDONESIA I love the music you make, especially the theme "Words That Hard To Say". Hi mr lee seung gi this is the first time am doing this just want to say you are a good actor and while reading things about you and watching your 1n2d episodes i may say that you are a good person just continue your pursuit of excellence Lee Seung Gi oppa.. Your act is really perfect..:) I can't wait to see your other drama.. *pray for that*....i have so many stories but i will tell u later.Seung Gi..♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ i do really love lee seung gi..i had watched his drama "bliriant legacy" for 4 times..i do really adore him..i hope in his next project lee seung gi and han hyo joo will play together in their new drama.great couple....*kiss I love korean "telenovelas", in spanish Brilliant legacy is "Sorpresas del Destino " y estamos fascinados con esta preciosa novela y con sus muy buenos mozos actores. i hope you can come to malaysia and do some perfomance to your fan in malaysia .

You look really very beautiful with Oh Yeon Seo, please become a couple woth her. Your acting is brilliant and your anger gives me goosebumps as you do ot so well. for the first time i saw you in My Girlfriend is Gumiho... My birthday was 12/17 and all I did was listen to his music on Utube. Basic on kang chi this guy realy showed his feelings on love dispite being loved the girl so dearly that nobody undestud impresd m whea by his father atacked y_woo he cud even surender 2 b inhuman only 2 save ha which showd lov n on top of that he fights his father thou he knew that he cant his it up I love love love Lee Seung Gi. Thank you for all the effort you put into your work, whether it be singing or acting. a multi talented actor, hard working - down to earth person as per my observation after watching the reality shows he had been to. Honestly lee seung gi is not that handsome but he was awsome just the way he is.. and I love all his drama and movie and the character he played. I believe you'll stay long in the industry and will continue being a great actor. ") I know you're cool and your acting is brliliant, and your vocal, gosh I love "Return" very very very much but what I like the most from you is why you're so God damn smart. I hope that he continues with both aspects of his career, because we as "fans" want to continue to see and hear him in the many years to come.