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They went to therapy at one point and are finally at a place where they can listen to each other before reacting.“There are days where I imagine opening the car door and pushing Tegan out, but I just think to myself, Now that we’ve put that era behind us, I think it’s actually quite healing to talk about it.” Their improved communication has also freed them to focus more on staking uncharted sonic territory.

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Until now they’ve been relatively private about the friction between them, which nearly tore the duo apart around the release of 2007’s (their fifth album and first to chart) and led to literal blows and long stretches when they wouldn’t speak to each other.

“I think Sara and I spent a lot of years compromising, and I think that fueled a lot of the anger and resentment and frustration and isolation that we experienced in our band,” says Tegan.

I'm the one who dances 'til they're like, 'Please, for the love of God, leave.' I cry at every wedding.

I have the best time." In April, Tegan and Sara announced their upcoming tour promoting .

I don’t understand why the world can’t relate to a song written by a queer woman.