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A travelling companion can be a wonderful thing but if you’d also love the chance to meet someone who’d like a little more than simple friendship, Silverfriends could help you find your perfect match.

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Enjoy holidays you’ll never forget – find a new friend to share them with you.

CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE THREAD ON OUR FORUM – SOLO LOOKING FOR TRAVEL COMPANION Mother of three grown-up daughters I am the ultimate multi-tasker and am passionate about my role as Silversurfers Website Editor and Social Media Manager. I retire in August and intend to buy a motor home in my native England.

Recently I suffered an injury to my back that limits how much I can carry. My reason for traveling is to take pictures and I would like a companion who can help me with bags etc.

In return I will pay all in-country travel expenses like air/train/bus fares, food, etc EXCEPT for liquor or food outside the 'working' day.

You could sign up to social networking sites such as Travel Buddies, although you’ll find a much higher proportion of young travellers looking for friends there.