what is the most sedating antidepressant - Sccm collections not updating update collection membership

there's also a tool for this in the you're using alot of collections with incremental updating and complicated rules, stop doing that. check the coll evaluator log for more clues - some collections take alot longer and you could just have some hogs in the way. Then I update membership on my departments all device collection after ten minutes or so, and the new ones appear, populating my specific device collections shortly after that. I'm not sure what the exact problem was or how it got fixed.

:)I think that the "update membership" button only re-evaluates membership that is based on a query. Sometimes they will come in almost instantly, and other times it can be a half hour.

I'm clicking on device collection, then the import button on the upper left. On my SCCM module server, Windows control panel, I don't see anything about SCCM. In response to your other message above, if the desktop client doesnt have the sccm client, how is it supposed to talk to SCCM console?

That gets added to the highest all-organization colleciton, but that's on a schedule. I don't think I've got right click tools installed. I'm leery about installing anything extra on my SCCM module. I'm still not following the configuration manager applet part.

Then my department's all-DEPT device collection pick it up... Then the device collection I'm working with in a test folder picks it up. Maybe it does go in the highest whole-org collection and not my DEPT's highest collection. The target user machine wouldn't have anything on it yet.

There are four ways collections can get their membership rules updates: When creating a collection through the console then this will be the default setting.

A full update for this collection will run every seven days.

So they are nothing more than groups of objects in your environment.

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