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However, the rest of Hannity's body is completely hairless.

Next to Stephen and The Greatest President Ever, Hannity has the world's largest penis, a sure sign that he is a true freedom loving American.

The ACLU briefly forced him to take the job back, but he bravely and eventually refused.

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Subsequently, he joined a radio station at Huntsville, Alabama.

In 1996, he joined Fox News and got a show with Alan Colmes.

In 2016, rumors had surfaced that he and his boss would be leaving Fox News.

Rumors of split-up with his wife of 23 years also went wild in 2016.

There, he showed his dedication to Compassionate Conservatism by saying that homosexuality wasn't normal and telling a lesbian that he felt sorry for her child, despite being a former altar boy who was very "well-known" by many priests.

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