Sedating antidepressants remeron

For example, the drowsiness effect of trazodone can be helpful for people who have insomnia.

Trazodone is especially useful for treating insomnia in people with depression, since it is effective for both conditions.

This recommendation is supported by the 2011 APA guideline.

A wide range of effective treatments is available for major depressive disorder.

Medication alone (see Medication) and brief psychotherapy (e.g., cognitive-behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy) alone can relieve depressive symptoms.

) is a prescription medicine used for the treatment of depression (also known as major depression or clinical depression).

The medication is also often used to treat insomnia, although it is not approved for this use.

Once satisfactory response is achieved, treatment should be continued for 4–9 months in patients with a first episode of major depression that was not associated with significant suicidality or catastrophic outcomes.