Send recive mail dating web site

You inadvertently edited the Recipients To: Field instead of the Subject Line and fired your E-Mail/Reply off to a Non-Existent User/E-Mail Address, or to a User who had deleted his Profile.You have made Reply to an existing E-Mail in your Inbox, but changed the Recipient in the To: Field of a User who has his/her Profile hidden, and does not have you on his/her Favourites List.

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Send recive mail dating web site

There are several reasons messages don't get sent - and if it isn't in your Sent Folder, then it didn't.

Sometimes it is due to filters the system has in place to avoid spammers, other times, a number combination is mistaken for a telephone number.

Your profile may have been flagged for review and be in quarantine.

If you cannot receive messages, add favorites, or are having trouble logging in, please wait 48 hours and try again.4.

That User E-Mail Blocked you subsequent to receipt of your Message, consequently your 'Sent Mail' disappeared from your Sent Msg/Outbox Folder.