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Of course, this is not substantiated or demographically verified but a pure assumption on my part based on the object and penny pinching exchanges I encounter on ebay. Engels was 24 years old when he wrote that epoch making book.

I tried to follow this logic myself with art works entitled JOHN LENNON WORKING CLASS HERO - A MUSIC LIBRARY CONSISTING OF 24 VINYLS PURCHASED ON EBAY. UK FOR 0.99 GBP PLUS SHIPPING & HANDLING COSTS, and WORKING CLASS - A PORTABLE LIBRARY CONSISTING OF 24 BOOKS PURCHASED ON EBAY. My method of working on ebay conisted simply of searching for "industrial" and "working class." For this show I made two new videos and one dressing performance: One part is deducated to the way poor Irish workers were dressing: FAUSTIAN DRESSING.

THE CONDITION OF THE WORKING CLASS IN ENGLAND an exhibition made for a Reading Festival in Bury / Manchester.

The show / presentation is in the museum of transportation Bury.

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