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The current director of the Alcohol Beverage Control division is Dave Rible.

State and municipal laws, including those that regulate alcoholic beverages, apply in all territorial waters which includes inland rivers, lakes, and bays, and tidal waters up to three nautical miles from the New Jersey shoreline.

The statutes define an alcoholic beverage as "any fluid or solid capable of being converted into a fluid, suitable for human consumption, and having an alcohol content of more than one-half of one per centum (1/2 of 1%) by volume, including alcohol, beer, lager beer, ale, porter, naturally fermented wine, treated wine, blended wine, fortified wine, sparkling wine, distilled liquors, blended distilled liquors and any brewed, fermented or distilled liquors fit for use for beverage purposes or any mixture of the same, and fruit juices." Retail licenses for consumption or distribution are allocated proportionally to a municipality's population.

Licenses permitting on-premises retail sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages (i.e.

In addition to granting local governments wide latitude over liquor sales, New Jersey law has some other unusual features.