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The video shows a male student ripping off Lulu's wig before running away down the hall.

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An art theatre and Vaudeville theatre operate at the mall as well as a handful of other stores, but most of the national retailers have flown the coop. Bulky Treats & Gifts, Suncoast, Mastercuts, Foot Locker, and County Seat are among the visible store shells along the mall’s corridors.

The third level of the mall is mostly shut off to the public and has been partially converted to offices, except for at center court.

Preliminary plans for the new development are due sometime in 2007, so don’t expect the mall to come down immediately.

A teenager with a severe scalp condition has opted to completely shave her head after she was left humiliated when boys from her high school filmed themselves ripping off her wig for a $5 bet.

The school district said they would prosecute delinquent behavior to the fullest extent of the law.