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In the backwards West, it is taboo to openly sexualize celebrity teen girls who have not reached the arbitrary age of 18-years-old.Of course us enlightened Muslims do not follow this barbaric convention, and we refuse to ignore potential wives and concubines while they are still in their prime years.Pros: Hips, ass, and tits suggest extreme fertility.

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Nude Leaks Probability: A certainty Sex Tape Probability: A certainty Maidenhead Status: Smashed to bits Estimated Retail Price: 13 Dinars, some spent AK-47 casings, and a Jew skin lampshade.

Age: 18 Known For: Disney’s “Kickin’ It” and “I Didn’t Do It” Pros: Perfect face for taking a Muslim’s massive load. Maidenhead Status: Wouldn’t be surprised if it was still intact.

Moreover, in developed nations, the salary gap continues to narrow, helping to further erode any entrenched glass-ceiling effect.

In short, more influence and more spending power means more female-driven consumption.

Age: 18 Known For: “Kids React” and showing her perky teen tits on Snapchat. Estimated Retail Price: 13 Dinars, a tanker of pesticide, and a carton of yak’s milk.