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When the tide turned and the Germans began losing the war, I beheld the same sight in reverse: hundreds of mighty German soldiers, who only weeks before took life or saved it as their mood dictated, were now herded about passively by a few Russian soldiers with weapons.These soldiers had all been trained to fight, to use firearms, to survive under the harshest conditions.He stood tall and looked straight into the eyes of the German soldiers: "I have three sons in the Red Army. Remember, you will pay for this." And then the Germans shot him.

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There were Jews who risked everything to retain their Tzelem Elokim.

The Nazis couldn't handle this because it showed them that we Jews would defeat them. We have a different view though they couldn't see what was happening ells where.

One night in April 1943, Ladovsky, Rebel's Jewish chauffer, came into my barracks and woke me up.

He had just returned from Warsaw with Rebel where they had gone to purchase supplies.

They realized they would not be able to beat the German army.