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Despite all this, when the cloned monkeys Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua were revealed to the world in January, the furore around cloning was rekindled.

A father and son, known well in the local food and drink scene, have come together to re-open a much-loved Ipswich café, putting their own special twist on it.

Bart Bisbal and son Julian opened the doors to The Grazing Sheep on Monday, April 30, following its shock closure earlier in the year.

Many suggested it meant human cloning was inevitable. They said it could never be done and now here it is, done before the year 2000,” he said.

At the time, a Princeton University biologist, Dr Lee Silver, told it was “unbelievable”. Yet in many ways, since Dolly’s birth and subsequent death, cloning has become normalised.

It will start very simple with Spanish croquetas and different seafood, but further into the thick of summer, when things have settled we’ll probably do a couple of quirky tapas using the same ingredients but cooked in different ways using molecular techniques.