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The most common objective of dating sims is to get a date or achieve a romantic realationship between the playing character and another character. She has several awesome games, all made with FLASH. It's an extremely well-drawn and well written game! For simple Dating Sims, that are free and online, I suggest Pacthesis's (from d A) Dating Sims.

Use your mouse to aim and shoot the red balls and knock the yellow balls off the board.

Remove all the yellow balls from the board before the red balls are eliminated, and you'll advance to the next level.

CASTINGMatt Ortega : graphic designer Teasing, sensitive, creative, sporty.25 years old, single, epicurean. Star sign : Scorpio.“I know, I’m so bright that I light up your days”. Insolent, daring, passionate.25 years old, single, audacious. Star sign : Scorpio.“Each and every forbidden pleasure is worth living”. Magnetic, charismatic, guiding, bright, intimidating.28 years old, single, multimillionaire. Star sign : Sagittarius.“Miss, there is nothing that I can’t have.”Mark Leviels : Managing director of a company branch.

Intellectual, ambitious, calm, accessible.28 years old, work addict.

You get to choose between three guys, Travis, Shiro, and Derek.