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posted by Mark on at pm My brother Chris and I went to Pendragon approx 1955/1957. Had an intercom set up so that he could let the whole school know who was being called to his office for punishment.

Headmaster was Paul Baylis, teachers the Barker Bennets, Mr. Used to get prefects to hold down boys who resisted.

Regards Chris posted by Barry Scowen on at pm Chris, I rememder you as we where for a while in the same dorm at the new school I did'nt arrive until Sept 1960 and escaped late 63.

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Nice to hear that you had the odd female connection, I met and was in touch with a girl from Charters Towers during and after I left Bexhill,but as usual local distractions played there part and we both stopped writing Try again to log on to Friends Reunited its interesting to read the reports and find out what people have done and what they are doing now.

Kind Regards Barry Kind regards posted by James 'Jim' Winter on at am Im having a tough time finding words foir this -the shock of googling the word just now and suddenly I'm looking at the names and words of a survivors I ACTUALLY remember.

Quite a few boys are listed on Friends ( It started off quite well in the early days of the site but has slowly dwindled away over the last few years.

posted by Chris Poynter on at pm G'day Barry, I'm afraid I don't remember your name, getting on for 50 years ago now!

MM posted by Mark Maxwell on at pm Going through old e mails and found this thread again.

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    Hi Cosmo, TOMM ran a two part article on the JAP 2S in June/July and August/September 2004. Sorry, my scanner has died, so I can't send you a copy.

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