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She’s got about three fat inches inside and stops.“C’mon, baby, get down on that thing. When I do you from behind, you make sure to get all of me inside you. Make her want to fuck.”Jen slams back on the big cock, but then moves towards them again on it, so only the head is inside. Since she likes it big, you should try to find a couple studs bigger than twelve and ten inches.”Jen groans no, but she isn’t very convincing because she’s cumming so hard. Somehow, I am okay with all of this…Jeff finds a way to one-up each fuck session with Jen. I still don’t know how he fits that cock all the way inside her, she’s so petite. And she screams and cums like a banshee, loving every inch. About an hour later, she texts me: “Seedy photo studio by the airport. Jeff said he wanted my pussy wetter, so the photographer, who’s already between my legs and so close I can smell his breath, he reached out with his free hand and started rubbing my clit.”“What the fuck? I always had one gigantic cock in my mouth and another in my pussy. They were really, really big, baby.”“Did you like it? Their first threesome pic is Jen on her back, with each black bull grabbing an ankle and spreading her legs. Each time he fills her up he groans like an animal. ” He shoots so much cum, Jen can’t get it all, so he spurts in her hair, up in the air, landing on her sweaty, sexy, writhing back. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.Jasmine twists Jen’s nipples harder, and my wife squeals. She’s in a frenzy now, ramming back hard against the headboard, her screams muffled by the big ten-incher in her mouth. Jen struts into Jeff’s office around lunchtime in a tight, sexy black dress. She lifts up her dress, revealing that she’s wearing no panties. ”“Call your hubby and talk to him while you fuck me.”“No! I’ve gotta hand it to him, he gets really creative. Jeff picks Jen up from our house at eight o’clock Friday night and drives to a photo studio near the airport. One bull rubs her clit and the other stud has two long fingers in Jen’s pussy. Jen is blowing the other stud while getting fucked. Jeff yells off camera, encouraging them to fuck her harder.

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He hands the white ten-incher to Jen, motions for her to hop up on the bed.“Go on, Jen, get on all fours facing us and stick that sweet ass out. And I want you to wiggle around on it while you look me and Jaz in the eyes and tell us how big it is. ” She straddles Jeff’s lap, easing his enormous cockhead into her glistening little pussy. It’s both humiliating and an incredible turn-on to talk to my wife as she rides Jeff’s twelve-inch cock. Finally, just before three am, Jeff drops Jen off at home, but he idles in the driveway for twenty minutes before she gets out of his Range Rover. I didn’t notice at first because she’s hiding her face, then I notice that her face and hair are dripping with cum. “Sorry, babe, but he wanted a blow job before he left and he shoots so much.”“Fuck, Jen.”“I thought this whole thing makes you hot? Again.”“He texted me that you fucked two black guys? They were just watching, though, which made me very nervous. I did my hair and makeup and wobbled out nude in front of them in my eight-inch red heels. I was totally nude in front of Jeff and three strangers. Jeff called out the nasty poses and I did them and the photographer snapped away. Jeff loves my ass, so we started with me on all fours, ass in the air, spread wide open. I was wet, but my pussy wasn’t open yet because we had just started. He said he was just getting the shots Jeff wanted, but he also grazed my asshole, too.”“Fuck.”“He took a lot of pictures. I was instructed to roll onto my back and spread my legs. ”“I had on a lot of red lipstick, so I licked my lips and told him I was really turned-on and I started cumming on his fingers.”“Jen! His cockhead was gigantic, like the size of a baseball. Jeff said he’s sending the pictures in the morning.”Over a thousand explicit nude photos hit my inbox. Dozens of exposed ass shots, spread pussy shots, big tits, erect nipples. But there are only six hardcore sex pictures with the black studs. She says, “The photographer told me there were over five thousand hardcore sex pictures.”I text Jeff: I turn to Jen, “He wants me to beg to see them! She’s about to get the fucking of a lifetime and the look on her face shows it.

You can’t move towards us until I say so.”Jen gets the big head in from behind, and eases slowly back onto it. She dials and I pick up, all cheery and unsuspecting: “Hey, sweetie! She sinks down on his manhood, engulfing the giant head with a grunt. I never thought it would make me so hot, but it does. ”“It does, but he keeps finding a way to make it dirtier. ” She looks at the ground, embarrassed.“Jeff wanted nude pictures. It was a porn studio, that’s what the photographer told me. The other two guys just gawked at me.”“What kind of nasty poses, Jen? So the photographer reaches out and with his two fingers and spreads my wet pussy lips. I did and they took a ton of nasty pictures of my spread pussy. For the next two hours, they fucked me in every possible position imaginable. Jen is unbelievably sexy and looks like a porn starlet. I study the six sex pictures, memorizing every detail:1. ” The stud is grunting hard while he furiously pumps his huge cock in and out of my wife’s sweet little pussy. I run it another five times, noticing some new sexy detail. She confides, “Jeff made sure I heard him promise the photographer we would come back and shoot a porno with the two guys, but he wants to recruit three more black guys and make it a gangbang.”“Jen! ”This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved.

Jeff is on the bed, i Phone poised, getting some nasty pictures. Jasmine presses the vibe onto her button, intensifying Jen’s O.“I’m switching to video.” He does and my wife’s still screaming, writhing. “Tell your hubby, Jen.”She looks into the camera, gritting her teeth.

“Now tell your husband that you are cumming on a big black cock.”Jen turns her head from side to side, disobeying him.“Jaz, fuck her harder with the black dildo.” Jasmine does it harder, as deep as it will go, pulls it all the way out and jams it in hard again. “I’m cumming all over this big, black cock, babyyy! ”It takes about three minutes for Jen to come down.

We found out two things about you today: you’re a born pussy-eating lezzy. That’s good to know.”Jen nods her head no, but her eyes say yes and her impaled pussy drips with cum. Jen and Jasmine stand watching, as Jeff records video. Then I did something dirty that escalated things.”“What did you do? Let’s just say that they got plenty of shots of my ass, my pussy and my titties. They were already rock-hard from watching me for an hour. He said we weren’t leaving until I fucked them hard and screamed really dirty, slutty things. As I was pumping away, it became clear to me that she still had their cum in her pussy from the photo shoot. Right before I came, Jen blurts out: “They took five-thousand pictures, baby. A very short video clips comes in: Jen, totally nude and clad in only high heels, walks across the photo studio set towards the staged bed under the lights, heels clicking against the concrete floor.