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I am reaching out to those who would hear and those who need help the most.

If you are active in your addiction, if you are lost or isolated, if your sense of self-worth is as low as mine was, take my hand.

I kept opening my door for the devil, and when I asked God to make that devil stop knocking and give me strength to fight all the vices he bestowed upon me. I had lost my faith for a long time because I was so high all the time that I never took the time anymore. I never want that devil to come back so I pray for God to keep him away. So he has pain but the pills are over taking his life . Without him, I would of never found the strength or desire to surrender from my disease.

It’s all about finding your faith and keeping your faith. You may enroll into counseling therapy to end nicotine addiction, or try replacement therapy. He has fusion from his neck to lower part his back. I know he hurt but I’m afraid for his life and he has a 3 month old daughter . The feeling of emptiness in my heart and life diminishes once I call on him for help and guidance He has taught me patience and in return has filled my heart with love peace and serenity. It’s excatly what I needed to hear at this time ♥ Liliann Reid is a recovering addict focused on helping others understand the world of drug addiction and eating disorders through her firsthand experience.

Turning to drugs or alcohol is the easy way out and not the reaction God desires. A countless number of addicts have achieved successful long-term recovery with the strength gained through praying to God. meetings is customary and a good prayer to find strength on a daily basis during life-long recovery (what the Serenity Prayer means). They are the enemy – the thief – that is intent on destroying lives and families.