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After all, he figured, white privilege paved the way for his many advantages: a college education, limited debt, and that well-paying job.

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Georgetown sociology professor Michael Eric Dyson, whose book came out last year, proposed that white Americans set aside a different type of IRA: individual reparations accounts.

Since then, a small but growing number of people in Philadelphia and elsewhere have been taking part — offering services, goods or cash to total strangers who are in need.

The concept of paying reparations for America’s troubled heritage of slavery, redlining, and Jim Crow is not new, but, as a governmental solution appears as far off as ever, this more scattershot approach has taken root.

The idea of making or requesting donations as a way of chipping away at inequities began to gain serious traction around the 2016 presidential election.

What they need is to make rent this month.” Still, some group members said they found the response encouraging.