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If you have an Apple Music account: Adding an additional Mac or Windows PC is similar to the initial signup process for i Tunes Match users; it's also a great way to unify a music library if you've been accidentally building separate collections on your personal and work machines — once you enable i Cloud Music Library on both machines, you can download all the songs from your secondary PC or Mac onto your primary computer.

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To work, the Sonos Controller app needs to be on a device that’s using the same internet connection as your Sonos speaker.

That means if your phone is connected to mobile internet – or another Wi-Fi network – that isn’t your home internet, it won’t work with the Sonos speaker.

Note: Currently, you'll need an i Tunes library with 100,000 songs or less in it for i Cloud Music Library to work correctly; if you have too many songs, here's how to create a secondary i Tunes library. Access to your Mac's library on any of your other devices (up to 10), for one. i Cloud Music Library may give you copies of your songs in the cloud, but it is in no way a backup service.

If you're an Apple Music subscriber, it also allows you to add songs and playlists from the subscription catalog to your library; you can then save those tracks for offline play. So please, heed our warning: Make sure you have a complete, local copy of all of your music on your primary computer (or external hard drive) before turning on i Cloud Music Library.

If you'd rather avoid that, you can disable automatic downloads on your devices, or only enable the Use Cellular Data switch when needed.