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Describing how he met Sophie, Jamie said: “We hit it off immediately.

But someone like me never entertains the idea of going after someone like her, so I didn’t.

These stereotypes still crop up from time to time, but they've mostly faded out... They're mysterious, if they aren't outright tricksters and thieves. Little do most people know that they're continuing the ancient European tradition of discriminating against the Roma, which was at its height around the Holocaust (which the Roma were victims of).

only to be replaced by the stereotype of the "guido" in the last few years. Slavs, especially the Russians Because of the Soviet Union, a little thing called the Cold War, and a good deal of old Czarist Russia, the peoples of Eastern Europe are widely mocked or cast as villains in action films because of the Cold War.

“I couldn’t assume she would be interested in me - but it worked!