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I held the semen under my nostrils, gently inhaling the scent; it was not at all unpleasant; on the contrary I enjoyed breathing in the aroma.

I closed my eyes as I enjoyed my stepson’s most intimate fragrance.

I then placed the container and a tube of spermicidal jelly in my purse.

I realized I needed to keep this handy and accessible while Robert was home for the summer. So I sat at the kitchen table sipping my coffee, trying to make sense of the massive changes in my life and the events that caused them. I alternated between gut wrenching guilt, a debilitating sense of anxiety and a level of excitement that I could not recall previously experiencing. I looked up and saw him bounding down the stairs completely naked, his flaccid penis bobbing wildly in front of him.

When it was sticking straight out from his tight abdomen, about half erect, I said, “That is amazing.