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This non-profit, private museum operates as a federal corporation dedicated to preserving and promoting the products and history of Canada's many clock manufacturers and sellers from the early 1800s to current times.

The Canadian Drilling Rig Museum is located in Rainham Centre, at the corner of Rainham Road and Kohler Road. Johns Fire Badge of fire apparatus representing hand drawn, horse drawn, and motorized periods of fire fighting in Canada.

Northwood is a Non-Profit Sanctuary Dedicated to providing a clean, safe and loving environment to over 100 exotic animal species.

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From champions and championship to golf's unique role in Canadian history, to the technical specifications of equipment manufacturing, the spectrum of golf is cap.... The Hall of Fame strives to make Canadians proud of the game’s long history in their country.

Baseball’s origins in Canada date back to 1838, when a game closely resembling baseball in its current form was played in the nearby community of Beachville....

Puppet Shows on weekends,and daily in July and August. Children love to visit our 1930 barn filled with friendly animals. And of course the loft is always open for kids to play in the hay and swing on the tire. Come, immerse yourself in a world of zoological wonders.

Home to more than 500 animals of native and exotic mammals, reptiles and birds!

Our dedicated staff of volunteers are always on hand to as....