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We have been held back for far too long in favour of investment in London and the South East - Transport for the North’s plans are a significant milestone in redressing the imbalance.

“I’m pleased too that our city is recognised as a key economic centre in today’s report.

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“You should be able to go from Bradford to Manchester quite easily so if you want to live in Bradford and work in Manchester you should be able to do that, you shouldn't have to move.

“Similarly if you want to live in Manchester and work in Bradford that should be easy too.

It shouldn't be over an hour's journey between Bradford and Manchester it should just be a half-hour journey.” Judith Cummins, MP for Bradford South, said: "This is a big step for Bradford.

An NPR station here would be a huge boost for the city.

“We've got an interchange station, let's use it, let's redevelop that, but of course that case is still to be made.