Speed dating world record coffee club

In fact, I never even got to the part where I could chat with anyone since I couldn’t get beyond the hair color question (pink, not an option) or describing myself via a drop-down menu of stereotypes like club kid, yuppie, photographer, tattooed/pierced, diva, brogrammer (it’s a word; look it up) or sapiophile (yep, had to look that one up too because, obviously, I’m not one).

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You smile a lot which means you are mostly happy, however, I bet you can get very mean when you need to be …

· Teach each other trivial facts from Almanacs, Books of Lists and The Guinness Book of World Records or find a favourite quote in the Reference section.· Test your date’s knowledge through questions in SAT, GMAT, LSAT and other exams in the Study Guide section.

Another factor which prompted us to go ahead with this event was that the majority of new dates are held at coffee shops like ours where it’s a neutral surrounding and if the first impressions are good they can stay on for dinner and drinks.

QSR Media: What did you want to achieve out of the night?

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