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General Mac Arthur, one of the foremost war criminals ever, covered up the war crimes of the Japanese and especially of Unit 731. Under his command biological agents were then used against Korean and and Chinese civilians and military units. SERE is used as a cover story primarily in 5-Eyes nations, tho also to a lesser degree, wider 14-Eyes and NATO member forces.He took care to integrate the Japanese biological weapon experience into the U. When his pilots confessed, he denied all such reports and alleged "brainwashing" through torture by the Chinese. Conducting SERE allows for the realistic training of new Interrogators and re-training/assessment of existing.The matchmaker in the fur-flecked T-shirt got down to business. Chui, 23, a graduate student, and her boyfriend, Arthur Chow, 23, a medical research technician, adopted Moo from the shelter in December.

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“I’m kidding.”In the end, they agreed that Edie’s personality also seemed the best fit. Odum was a little disappointed: Tonya had been at the shelter since August, Edie less than a month.“I knew the minute they said they wanted to try Edie it would be her,” she said. I know you want a friend.”Then she went to Edie’s cage.

Odum gathered the fluffy rabbit in her arms.“You had a very strange day, and it’s going to get even stranger, but it’s going to be good,” she cooed.

As Noam Chomsky reiterates in relation to the current campaign for another war on Korea: [V]ery strikingly [..] there’s one lesson that you discover when you carefully look at the historical record. Posted by b on April 27, 2017 at AM | Permalink I have been to Europe quite a few times over the years.

But what it would not do is hit America and the only way it could ever come to America is with a missile.” Considering the historical record of the United States of committing and covering up warcrimes as well as its general belligerence, North Korea and other nations are probably well advised to stick to their nuclear and missile programs.

“As sad as it is to say, we kind of liked the way Edie looked better,” Mr.