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He and his best friend Gus open up their own "psychic detective agency", 'Psych.' Shawn uses a set of unique skills to solve crimes for the SBPD and sometimes for private clients who hire him on the side.

Shawn has also thought that he needed to be included in things that Gus does with his girlfriends, as shown in multiple episodes, even in "Cirque du Soul" where he wanted to be included when Rachael and Gus were going to talk to each other after she came back when it was revealed that Max missed Gus.

Shawn has been shown to be reckless in many ways, even with Gus's relationships, when he brought Rachel's son on a murder investigation.

He is portrayed by James Roday (Liam James and Skyler Gisondo in flashbacks).

Shawn Spencer was born in 1977 to Henry and Madeline Spencer in Santa Barbara, California.

This often leads to trouble, especially when his ruse is found out.