Sql intellisense not updating

Many aspects of Intelli Sense are language-specific.

Sql intellisense not updating

STEP 5: I realized that every time that SQL Server Management Studio requests the list of the objects: STEP 6: I was able to reproduce the issue using Azure Active Directory and SQL Login: So, the Azure Active Directory users are contained users: All tests that I performed pointed to that Intellisense needs access to master database level and all databases included in the server, for this reason, a contained user is not able to.

Now that Dev10 is getting close to release I want to describe in detail the various options we have included for controlling browsing and Intelli Sense in VC .

To turn List Members off by default (so that it does not appear unless specifically invoked), go to Tools/Options/All Languages and deselect Auto list members.

If you want to turn off List Members only for a specific language, go to the General settings for that language.

To toggle between completion mode and suggestion mode, press CTRL ALT SPACEBAR or click Edit/Intelli Sense/Toggle Completion Mode.