Ssis updating data

From the SSIS Toolbox, the Excel Source, and the OLE DB Destination tasks must be imported into the Data flow window, as shown in the image below Double click on the Excel Source task will open the Excel Source Editor.

Selecting the Excel connection from the Connection manager list allows user to choose the Name of the Excel sheet from the list, like shown in the image below In the Column tab, the user can choose what columns from the excel file will be imported by checking the boxes for desired columns, and rename output columns, as shown in the image below To configure the OLE DB Destination it must be connected to the Excel Source first.

If the data is inserted or overwritten with new ones, importing process will be successfully accomplished, and the data will be added to the table in SQL database For SSIS package documentation, consider Apex SQL Doc, a tool that enables documenting SSIS packages from file system, SSIS package store, SQL Server, SSISDB catalog and SSIS project file in different output formats, and with various included details.

To compare SSIS packages with each other, consider Apex SQL Diff.

Automated data importing is possible using different methods, depending on source file type and data organization inside The easiest way to import the data into the SQL database is using the Import Data wizard from SQL Server Management Studio.