Stop dating the church

An opportunity arose for Lucy to try to persuade Eutychia to agree to her desires. Her tomb in Catania was attracting numerous visitors and many miracles had been reported through her intercession.

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General Galerius was appointed Caesar in the East and General Maximian as Caesar in the Western part of the Empire. Diocletian at first was very tolerant of the Catholic Faith.

Indeed, the Catholic faith grew in great numbers and erected churches in the principle cities.

It was thought that this would unify and strengthen the empire as in centuries past. D, Diocletian issued three edicts that began the last and worst of the persecutions against the Catholic Faith.

The first ordered the destruction of the churches and the burning of all Catholic writings, especially the Bible. The Roman governor, Pascasio, probably to court favor with the emperor, was determined to carry out the three decrees with the full weight of the Roman Army behind him.

Lucys public humiliation was designed to discredit the power of Christ and His Church.