Strict asian parents dating girl unsure dating

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too bad they think we need to do the right thing every time, live their preferred lives through us.

right now, my boyfriend has been really depressed from not seeing me, he's been researching loads into controlling asian parents, and my culture and religion, etc. :( really wish they weren't so stubborn and would come to a compromise, and that they knew how unhappy they're making me. I can either live to please my parents, always listen to them, then listen to my arranged husband, and ultimately be unhappy. It seems obvious which I would choose, but there's so many other factors to think of.. accommodation, would my friends stick by me and support me?

I know I havent really answered your question directly, but I hope you know you're not alone, and you do have some choices, even if they end up ugly..

good luck :) Well my life is the same I'm 100% Asian, wish strict parents.

Could you ever date Asian girls with over-protective parents? Here are ways on how you can do this: Most Asian parents are very traditional. Respecting the culture of the Asian lady you’re dating is also mandatory.