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The child stops dead, looks me up and down, and scurries off at pace, almost colliding with an unseen trolley that swerves into view. Stylish without being dressy - definitely the right tone for a night like this. I'll strike up a convo about something she picks off the shelves - though our girl doesn't seem to be buying much. "Hello, young lady," I say, hoping an attractive single mum is around the corner. A white shirt hangs over black leggings; sunglasses sit like a tiara on her chest-length hair.Oh yeah, and I'm married so shouldn't be checking out cute single blokes in the stupidmarket anyway.

While ‘Word hard, play hard’ should be the motto for the people of this amazing city if hooking up with someone in a busy bar isn’t your cup of tea and you can’t envisage yourself finding love in supermarket aisles, speed dating in Newcastle events with Slow Dating could be just what you are looking for.

And so it’s no surprise that Slow Dating holds a full range of fantastic Newcastle speed dating events across the year in this bustling city.

But In such a large, diverse city it can be difficult for many singles in Newcastle to find love.

From singletons working in the manufacturing industry to those in construction, and from individuals focused on all things glitzy in PR to hard working doctors and nurses, Speed dating Newcastle is a hub of potential for the singletons of the city.

It never really worked for him, I'd ascertained.