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These young souls either grow toward empathy, becoming Service-to-Other, or fail to grow and like a newborn, remain in the Service-to-Self, centered on promoting and protecting the self.When faced with the challenges that life on Earth presents, the young soul has choices, and this includes a range of options on how to deal with the physical environment as well as societal choices.

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I'm aware some planets fail to navigate their crises successfully, such as Maldek, the current asteroid belt. Is Sweden's history of peaceful oligarch overthrow common or very rare?

What about planets, who do get thru pole changes and oligarchy overthrows successfully? The Earth, at present, is a 3rd Density spiritual schoolhouse where young souls are allowed to experience a broad range of challenges.

It nests in very remote places, above cliffs where man does not venture, thus bodies have not been recovered.

This vulture cousin is revered in Native American cultures strictly because of its size, equivalent to the elephants of Africa or the Sperm Whale in the oceans. After the Pole Shift, when mankind’s machines are silenced, it may rebound and be seen more often. spref=fb It's weather madness on both sides of the Atlantic as parts the US records lowest cold; parts of Europe record highest warmth in living memory.

It has also been a staple of the daily Earth wobble that the Polar Push shoves against the Magnetic N Pole of Earth when the Earth’s rotation turns to face its Magnetic N Pole toward Nibiru.

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