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Chris said that the job was the first of his two marriages, and that there was nothing else in the world he would rather be doing.'I always wanted to be a U. senator - the idea of being one of 100 always intrigued me - or a rock 'n' roll star,' he said in that 1993 interview.'You might go, "Ha-ha, that's a great answer." But seriously, what would I do if I weren't a sportscaster? Not yet, anyway.'It was announced back in January that Chris would be taking a step back from his on-air hosting duties at ESPN after 38 years with the network and taking on a new role.In one such example, recently reported by the Register, a man using the account name of “Hot Lips” recounts his experience with a Russian dating scamstress, explaining that “After some correspondence, ‘she’, confessed that ‘she’ actually lived in Omsk, Russia.

He first asked her for help and then asked her out to breakfast, which she accepted.

In that same interview he also spoke about how much love he had for his family and two children, saying: 'I like being in the kitchen and hearing them yell, from the other room, "Hey Dad, 'F Troop's' on."' Their son Doug works as the New York Market Manager for the alcohol-delivery service Drizly while Meredith is the Director of Regional Engagement Programs at Brown University in Rhode Island.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation, and troopers are reportedly looking into the possibility that Bertulis suffered some kind of medical emergency in the moments before Katherine hit his vehicle with the Lexus.'This is a devastating tragedy and difficult to comprehend.

Chris is beloved by all his ESPN colleagues and for good reason: He has a huge heart and has given so much to so many over the years,' said ESPN president John Skipper in a statement on Wednesday.'We know how much his family means to him and all we can do at a moment like this is give him the love and support he will surely need at this hour.

Unimaginably sad.'Chris' friend and occasional co-host Adam Schefter shared Skipper's statement on social media, adding: 'Our hearts are heavy at ESPN as we report the tragic news that Kathy Berman, wife of Chris Berman, was killed in a car accident Tuesday.'Katherine Alexinski was a school teacher when she married Chris back in 1983, giving birth to the couple's two children soon after and moving to the town of Cheshire near ESPN headquarters in Bristol.