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Tahyna's acting career began when she played Peri Lawe on the ABC drama named , directed by John V. Currently, Tozzi is in process of developing her own movie named Track Town along with her friend Teresa Palmer, they both will produce, write and star in the 1990's road movie. She is married to her long-time boyfriend named Tristan Mac Manus at St James Anglican in Kurnell.

The couple dated for five years and got married on 25 January 2014. They have a daughter together named as Echo Isolde, born on April 5, 2016.

He was previously in a relationship with model Tahyna Tozzi and gave surfing lessons to heiress Paris Hilton.

After regularly finding himself in trouble with the law, the big wave surfer turned to Islam in recent years, a religion he called 'beautiful and peaceful'.

She was also interested in sports whereas, Tozzi is a black belt in Japanese Karate style of Shotokan.