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They are bright yellow and just so whimsical all bunched together - I love them! I don't have too much space left in my garden to plant more but I'm so attempted to buy another 200 bulbs and just cover the remaining space with these lovely and adorable daffodils!!!

The only problem with daffodils in Colorado is the spring snow.

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And just as Walmart starts being loaded with Christmas decorating items and gifts as early as late October (well, Halloween has not even passed yet), elsewhere in the world, Tet is already in the conversation of Vietnamese people 2-3 months ahead of the real date.

Some remind that the year is almost over, others are expecting a new one will better weather and economic condition.

It's a late March in Denver and the daffodils are in full bloom and I take such pleasure looking at them at every opportunity.

The bulbs were ordered (not one out 200 were bad) and planted in fall of 2016 and this spring, they have doubled in quantity!

This is because during the year many Northern people migrate to Southern provinces where gather many industrial park and businesses.