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We found it again and After that I lost it at least 3 times. The last time it disappeared I wore it to work, came home and did the chores, feeding chickens, dogs, etc. I was devastated because I did not have a clue where I could have lost it.

In my own flower bed, In a friends flowerbed and in a friends car. I went about my life, looking everywhere I could think of but no results.

At the time she was keeping the books for the hotel and James was making jewelry in his garage. He asked my mother, Roma Acton if she would be interested. God Bless them and your Family My mom works for James Avery in Burleson TX.

My dad, Dick, Was a Carpender so he asked dad if he be interested in doing a few jobs for him. Mom kept the books and Dad helped James with his projects. But even before her time there, James Avery Jewelry has been a part of my life from the very beginning. My mom had jewlery from the 70s when the only place you could buy the pieces was in a small church shop in Arlington TX.

I was sixteen, and it was the first “real”, adult, piece of jewelry I owned. One was a replica of my original Confirmation cross, and the other was a cross for my son. I know that Heaven is rejoicing that he is there, even as we are mourning that he is not here.

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