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One thing she knows for certain, she won’t be embarrassed if nobody of importance knows about it.by Maxamillion Saberhagen (md fd gr mc) In order to settle a bet a woman makes an unusual demand at a thrift store.

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And Venus Satore herself is having a crisis of conscience, coming to terms with her past misdeeds while wondering where her future lies.

The Childress family, owners of popular adult establishments and trade had other ideas.

by Helpless MC (ft mf fd mc) Tim brutally dumps a girl before learning she runs the hottest new salon in town and he needs a haircut. When one of their own is compromised and captured, the agents of the division must take action before it is too late.

With a hefty debt already and no other way to pay it, he reluctantly gets handed over to a whorehouse to pay it off and has to make use of his hypnotic skills to earn his keep. A sleep-over between two friends, only one of them wants to be a ‘more’ than friends.

Katie, having given up the life of a costumed heroine, has embraced her new life and focused on her new relationship with the woman she loves.