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Successful Aging & Your Brain: This one-hour program includes clips from one of our recent live programs plus an in-depth look at the four factors that may contribute to the maintenance of cognitive function. Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance is a fighting game developed and produced by Midway.

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They then traveled to Earthrealm by way of a mystical portal known only to sorcerers and deities.

There, they confronted Earth's mightiest warrior and Champion of Mortal Kombat, Liu Kang. They have since returned to Outworld and are using the souls of conquered warriors to resurrect the Dragon King's undefeatable army.

It is chronologically the fifth in the gory, controversial Mortal Kombat series (with the logo resembling a V, the roman numeral for 5).

Deadly Alliance was released for the Xbox, Play Station 2, Game Cube, and Game Boy Advance on November 20, 2002.

For millennia, the forces of good and evil have been locked in eternal battle over the control of Earthrealm.