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Select the other dialog options that you want and finally...: "Okay, I believe that I have all the information that I need right now. Boardwalk Talk with the "sad looking girl" City map. Talk with Joe "Could you help me fix a broken car key? While the game was entertaining, it wasn`t riveting. Really felt like a detective and pimp at the same time.

" "Pay for the key" (Return to the Boardwalk) Talk with the "sad looking girl" (to fuck her you have to select this: "Say sure, but you will keep the key and e-mail it when payment is received" "Touch her thighs" If you select something else, it`s the end of the scene with her) (click on her ankle, to fill up the gauge) (click on her thigh, to fill...) (click on her breast...) (click on her belly) Oral sex scene: Handle it in 3 parts: - part 1: move your mouse from the left to the right, like on the red arrow, to fill up the gauge. Talk with the gardener "I`ve talked with Joe about you..." X Basement (you need to have the flashlight that in on the window of your "office") Use flashlight Find the "stolen painting". The graphics were fairly good but the story dynamics and games play were very formulaic. However, the only thing i didn`t quite enjoy was the "blowjob" part.

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Great game & nice graphics :) To get a date to remember: Kiss hand, thank her, strawberries, champagne, what she likes to do for fun, her job Sofa, hold hands, look at boobs, hand on thigh, ready for more Kiss lips, raise skirt, touch thighs, expose breast, spread legs, remove dress from boobs, remove dress completely, remove panties, suck finger, lick boobs, ask if ready for more.

-- Ending #3 To get Ending #2: city map, go to Jasmine`s place. The story was a little short, but the graphics were good.