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A hasty reading of their paper, and the good reproducibility for the lead isotope standard NBS981, superficially suggests that all is well, but a careful reading shows that they ran the standard in solution by injecting it directly into the plasma, with no involvement at all of laser ablation (Ponting et al. So their work did not at all test the accuracy of the laser ablation lead isotope analyses of the coins.

A more professional investigation of matrix effects in laser ablation source MC-ICPMS was given by Baker et al.

The methodology of creating the Oxford lead isotope database (OXALID) is outlined and a summary is given of the lead isotope resource provided by OXALID.

From very early in the study of ancient metals, one important goal was to establish the geological origin of the metal used to make particular metal artefacts, thus, directly addressing issues of trade, trade relationships and movement of objects.

A more recent development has been the introduction of an inductively coupled plasma source fitted to a magnetic sector multi-collector mass spectrometer (MC-ICPMS) for high precision isotopic analysis, amongst which was the application to lead isotope mass spectrometry (Hirata ).